A Hard Day's Pay

Adventure Logs
A recounting of the misadventures of some hapless mercs.

Spring AR 602

Seeking to explore caves in which he believes to hold a long abandoned Orgoth enclave, Hiram Vosk contracts a small squad of mercenaries from the Durgan’s Fist mercenary charter to act as protection during his excursion. Traveling with Vosk and his narcoleptic steamjack Angellia, they arrive at the Scars wall and shortly thereafter locate the mouth of the cave in question. It doesn’t take long for Hiram to find a small chamber containing a handful of Orgoth relics and a large black stone emblem bearing the grinning monstrous face associated with Orgoth sites. Believing the stone to be a cover stone of some sort he spends two days examining it and fiddling with some moving parts while his protectors guard the mouth of the cave.

After a brief attack on Hiram by some Burrow Mawg, a Dregg raiding party attacks the cave. Hiram, guarded by Angellia remains in the back of the cave while Xanhorn Forgedawn, Weiss, and Leyon engage the Dregg. The Dregg are dispatched with little trouble, but not before Weiss is seriously wounded when one of the Dregg tosses a grenade at him landing a direct hit with the explosive weapon. With the camp secured the group resumes their boring vigil over their employer.


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